Kids Taekwondo


At Training Zone, students learn how to embrace responsibility through simple tasks, such as interacting with teachers and students, maintaining the training room, and practicing martial arts. Students learn to also practice this responsibility at home and in school by performing chores and completing homework assignments They are taught to respect their parents, teachers, schoolmates, and above all: themselves.

Self Defense

Our students learn the art of defending themselves as they encounter new techniques and situations. Students learn how to read body language and understand how to approach and handle a given scenario. Their physical and mental tactics improve with each session. Training Zone’s students are not taught how to only kick and punch, they learn how to avoid situations. Through semi-contact sparring under safe and controlled conditions, students learn how to apply the skills they were taught. They also realize how to control situations by improving power and accuracy; recognizing danger; and avoiding unsafe people, places, and situations.


Training Zone’s students dedicate themselves to earning their belts, a project that allows them to gain confidence as they observe their own progress. Students assist in warm ups and work with their fellow classmates in learning new forms and moves. Our instructors are very involved in children’s progress and encourage them to break out of their comfort zone. Students eventually perform in front of a group of people, a skill that is necessary in other areas of life such as school and work.


We encourage our students to concentrate as they perform low stances, remembering each move and delivering it with power. They also learn breathing techniques. This improves their ability to listen and learn.


Students increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and weight control through our program. They burn calories and build muscle using a tried-and-tested cardiovascular workout. Each student learns how to improve their reflexes and coordination in a fun and energetic environment.

Bully Avoidance

Training Zone educates students on how to avoid confrontation by staying calm and thinking about their actions when under pressure. They become familiar with the importance of understanding body language, keeping eye contact, and learning how to handle situations with assertiveness.

Positive Attitude

Our classes bring optimism to students by encouraging them to avoid worrying and negative thinking. We aim to provide a positive and inspirational environment for each student as they develop goals and achieve them. Each child goes home feeling renewed with energy and enthusiasm.

Have Fun

Above all, our students have fun at every class. We encourage them to make friends and meet new people in our environment. Training Zone’s fun-filled classes incorporate different exercises and drills that children of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy.