About Us

Who We Are

Training Zone NYC Inc is located in Ozone Park, New York and is one of the most diverse and quality Mixed Martial Arts Schools and Fitness Centers in the area. Founded in 2008 by Manzur Hussain, Training Zone NYC Inc continues to grow in capacity and ability allowing us to provide the most efficient and beneficial tools and skills needed to accomplish any fitness goals and training aspirations you may have. Self defense, confidence, mental and physical fitness, weight loss, core stabilization and much more can be accomplished through our intense and rigorous curriculum.

We are the first and only in New York that has been privileged to test and rank students in Doce Pares Escrima/Weapons under the highest ranking black belt in North America, Grandmaster Dong Cuesta. Training Zone NYC Inc teaches two different forms of Jiu-jitsu which includes Japanese and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. We also specialize in Taekwondo, Ninjitsu, MMA/US Boxing and much more. With the wide array of programs, students will be able to combine the most effective techniques in each area to build a strong and solid foundation to their Mixed Martial Arts education.

More importantly, Training Zone NYC Inc is fully equipped with a variety of professional training equipment to accommodate all types of training and skill levels. Training Zone NYC strives to provide the best resources for our students to utilize. The facility has a comfortable lounge area with couches, free wireless internet, and men's and women's locker rooms.

Overall, we are very satisfied and proud of the curriculum we have set forward to teaching our students and children. We extend to you the offer to come in and try a FREE trial class in any of these aspects of training. Call 718-529-6999 to schedule an appointment or complete our contact form.